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Rosewill RNX-N100 Wireless Adapter Review

11.02.2009 (1:17 pm) – Filed under: Reviews

Rosewill RNX-N100Rosewill RNX-N100 Wireless Adapter

With the increased proliferation of wireless networking, it is becoming much more important to be able to connect one’s laptop, or for that matter one’s desktop into a wireless router. Add to that the increase of Wireless N adoption it is that much more important to find an easy to use, but effective solution to connecting into these networks. Enter, Rosewill’s RNX-N100. Part of their Trident X series of adapters, the N100, is a USB 2.0 adapter making it easy to use with whatever type of system you want to connect to it. The ability to connect to any type of system, desktop, laptop, slimline, shuttle, and so on, a USB based adapter provides an easy solution especially if one needs to swap it between multiple systems.

Rosewill’s RNX-N100 adapter is fully functional with the latest version of Wireless N, or 802.11N Version 2.0. Wireless N offers more than double the transfer rate of the older Wireless G, plus an increased signal range helping to eliminate dead spots for wireless coverage in your home or office. The N100 is still backwards compatible with B and G networks though, so even if you are ahead of your favorite wireless hotspot technologically you will still be able to connect with ease.

The Rosewill RNX-N100 offers both superior performance and usability. The product comes right out of the box with a CD that contains drivers for both Windows and Macs, plus a full user manual for those that feel more comfortable with a full manual readily available. When you interest the CD, it automatically launches the console for the driver install, which is simple and harmless requiring just a few clicks until you are finished. Once that is done, all you have to do is interest the adapter into a free USB port and your computer will do the rest, automatically configuring the device to use the drivers you just installed. Make sure that when you install the adapter that you run the setup on the CD first, to avoid any conflicts with actually installing and running the device.

Once you get it installed, the RNX-N100 provides an easy to use and descriptive console for configuring your adapter. Once it is installed, you will see a red R logo, clicking on that will open the console. From there you can get stats on available wireless networks, what standard they are using, if there is any security, plus information on signal strength. Going to create new profile allows you to setup a new connection, just add in the information for your network and you are all set. Once that is done, the main page has an activate button to enable the connection and assuming that all the information you have entered is correct you should immediately be connected into the network.

To top off the portability and ease of use, the RNX-N100 comes with an amazingly low price tag, roughly half that of comparable Linksys and D-Link products, with, on average better reviews to back it up. The N100 is a superior product aimed at bringing affordable networking solutions to home and business users alike.

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