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Star Wars Lego Set Echo Base 7749 Review

08.08.2009 (10:50 pm) – Filed under: Geek Fun, Lego Reviews

star wars lego echo base 7749 300x300 Star Wars Lego Set Echo Base 7749 ReviewPart of the 10 year anniversary of Star Wars Lego sets, the Echo Base set fits in with any Star Wars Lego collection or is a nice set to start a new one! Echo Base is a great army building set coming with both two Hoth Rebels, plus two Snowtroopers. Round this out with a Han Solo on a Tauntaun and a nice set of fortifications this set is more than worth the modest price tag of twenty five dollars. more »

On The Twitter Blackout

07.08.2009 (10:55 pm) – Filed under: Geek Blog

Tech users and social networkers alike are all obviously aware now of the outage of Twitter yesterday (Thursday) morning. Now that the dust has settled it seems that rather than directed at Twitter (and millions of unsuspecting users) it was rather directed towards Georgian (Country not state) blogger Cyxymu. The attack comes a year after the trouble in South Ossetia and could very well be retaliation for the bloggers views. Quite troubling in its own right but there is something else I want to take a moment to say. I read on CNN that users reported everything from extreme frustration to near panic level events. One 24 year old woman even went so far as to compare it to having phantom limb pains. My message to anyone who felt this near panic, or anything more than mild annoyance… STOP IT! Seriously, put down the phones, put down everything, get outside, stay in, go anywhere I don’t care, but disconnect for a while. People don’t need to know when you’re scratching your arm, waiting in line at the store, or watching whatever the latest teen drama is. I’m not saying Twitter can’t be a great tool to keep tabs on news updates, to keep in touch, but if you’ve come to rely on this to live your life you have a serious problem and need to stop and reevaluate your life.