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New Super Mario Bros. Wii Review

09.01.2010 (7:31 pm) – Filed under: Game Reviews

new super mario bros wii 300x129 New Super Mario Bros. Wii ReviewNintendo has done it again. Going back to a formula that has worked since the creation of the Nintendo Entertainment System, Mario is once again back to rescue the Princess from the likes of Bowser. Keeping in line with the original Nintendo games, New Super Mario Bros. is a side scrolling adventure pure and simple, but that’s part of what makes it so fun. Not that games like Super Mario Galaxy aren’t great additions to the series, its fun to jump back into a modern take of an old classic. Don’t think though that the game doesn’t pack any surprises though. As usual there are a few new items, such as the propeller mushroom that gives the player a beanie hat like propeller that can launch Mario and his team high into the air, only to slowly and humorously awkwardly come back down to land. There is an option to spin quickly down as well to hit enemies below with a powerful strike. Other new items include an ice flower that allows Mario to freeze enemies into blocks and either break them, jump on them or smash them into other enemies, and a penguin suit that gives ice flower abilities as well as better traction on ice, and better swimming… just remember penguins can’t fly! more »