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Greenbox Spotlight

17.02.2009 (3:43 pm) – Filed under: Reviews

greenbox hor color Greenbox SpotlightThere is a new technology when it comes to our energy systems; it is called The Greenbox Technology. What the company is doing is creating a one of a kind interactive energy management system that will allow all homes to be able to save money as well as lower their carbon footprint. With energy costs rising and global warming a reality, we need to do out part to help ensure the energy needs of the people in the world.

If a very small fraction of homes lowered the amount of energy use we normally would use on a monthly basis by just 20%. Then in past year those people who lowered their reliance on energy as an average could save over 80 billion dollars on the energy costs as well as reduce the amount of emissions by nearly 100 million tons of carbon dioxide, can you image that? It is possible for this to happen. Depending on where you live in the United States, you can lower your amount of money you save on your energy bill by at least 30 to 40% on a monthly basis.

What are the benefits of Greenbox Technology?

The premise of Greenbox is an Internet based solution system that will allow you the homeowner to follow the amount of energy you are using. There are no companies tracking your usage other than the electric companies. But as a homeowner, with Greenbox Technology, you can track your family’s usage and if you see areas where the cost is going to be high when the bill comes in, then you have the control to lower your bills.

We never really know how much energy we are using until the bills come in. With Greenbox you will be able not only to see where your energy is going but with how we can control and manage our own home energy use and this could result in a lot of money you could be saving.
greenbox hor color Greenbox Spotlight
Not only will you see how much energy you are using but also with this latest technology you can see how much your bills are going to be. It may be a trial and error as a home owner for a while but the first month when your bills are a bit high then the following month you will be able to set a plan to lower those bills and this can all be done with Greenbox Technology.

The Greenbox system will also allow you to get some energy saving opportunities along the way. They will help you realize and understand ways to save energy that you never thought of. In terms of your carbon footprint, this is something that we never really think of. The Greenbox Technology will calculate the carbon footprint based on your energy usage profile so you can measure and take in the reality of how your activities are making an impact on the environment.

Another great feature of the Greenbox Technology is that you will be able to see what others in your neighborhood are spending and using on electricity. Of course you will be able to do this anonymously so that no one will ever know what you are doing. You will also receive a Greenbox alert that you can receive either via email or SMS. This will keep you updated about any unusually high-energy rates or any changes in electricity prices before you see them on your next bill.
How can I get involved?

Greenbox is a new technology so they are constantly looking for ways to help homeowners lower their bills as well as save the environment. Greenbox is always looking for people to join their company. They will also take in any suggestions that you may have or answer any questions that you might have. If you are the victim of company cutback and you want a rewarding job helping others save money as well as save the environment, the you should contact Greenbox through their website. They have plenty of job opportunities.

Is the Greenbox Technology Available?

Greenbox is currently working with 2 utility companies, the Silver Springs Networks and the Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company. The company is currently conducting in home trials. They are trying to perfect the system and make sure that the system is fully functioning and will be able to help the homeowner in the most efficient way possible. The company hopes to make Greenbox Technology available to homeowners in the near future.

Before this technology can be released the company are trying to establish a relationship with other utility companies as well as Smart Grid Companies who may be looking to grow their AMI Solutions System. They are looking to use real time feedback as well as on demand response programs and any energy efficient improvements that can be made.

If you currently work for a utility company or a Smart Grid Company, talk to your bosses about becoming a partner with the Greenbox Technology and be a part of a system that is one a kind and on the cutting edge of technology. Log onto their website and email and questions or any interest you have in becoming part of the solution.

Technology is a great thing and with technology comes advancement. Wouldn’t it be great if we could manage our own electric bills? Sure, we can turn off the lights and lower our energy costs by keeping our homes at a ridiculous temperature but with the Greenbox Technology we would not have to do that. There won’t be so many families who cannot afford their bills.

There may be some sacrifices that your family will have to make but to able to see what you are using before the bill comes it a great thing. Those founders of the company are trying to help as many people as they can with their energy bills as well as try to lower the carbon footprints that we put out everyday. The founders of this great new company are Jon Gay, Peter Santangeli, Matthew Smith, Gary Grossman and Robert Tatsumi.

This concept may sound too good to be true but it is a reality and it can help millions of people manage their electric not just by knowing how much energy you use but how much you will spend. If this concept does interest you, you should attend their planned events. Their next planned event is schedules for March 22nd to March 25th 2009 at the Hilton Miami Downtown in Miami Florida. Check out their website to see other events that are close to your home.

These events will provide the company’s vision and they explain how the plan will work and why it is so important to get this concept into people’s home as soon as possible. With so many families struggling to pay their bills, the utility companies are less forgiving of family’s financial situations. The homeowners need help as soon as they can and with Greenbox Technology it can be achieved.

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