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Blog 02 08 2009

08.02.2009 (12:54 pm) – Filed under: Geek Blog

Captain’s Log, we’re finding ourselves in uncertain times, politically divided, economically unstable, and on the very cusp of a new wave of technological achievements that may or may not be achieved due to the current trend of world events. However, out of every mistake comes a solution and an opportunity, the possibility for growth and renewal. Economic hardship can help a society reshape itself into a leaner more efficient entity allowing for the furthering of our own existence.

Let’s take one step back. The year is 2009 and the world is in the second year of a recession, or whatever term you want to slap on to the crappy economy. In a way, technology is what got us to the point in the first place, or was at least one step on the path. Jump back ten years. The World Wide Web was hitting an explosive phase; money was being spent on anything and everything with no end in sight. Well, until the bubble popped and people realized that all this money plus no returns equaled a total meltdown. Granted, this meltdown vanished quickly as the world changed and the market rebounded. The money that was left was invested in the housing market and all was well, till it wasn’t.

Thousands now find themselves out of work, myself included. What will the future hold, both for everyone that finds themselves in this shared predicament and for the technologies that may be pushed to the side due to a lack of any short term benefits? Geek Junk will serve as a view from my window for technology related happenings, as well as a place to begin storing and sharing knoweldge about everything technical and geeky.

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